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About Us

About Us

     Famous brand of stylish and luxurious handmade accessories made of genuine leather.

     The corporate style is based on a combination of exquisite products' design and, of course, handmade with a bright personality, sophistication and soulfulness of the embodiment of the author's fantasies.

Our products were highly appreciated by the most fashionable audience, and we are sincerely proud of that our products are known and bought all over the world.

Products include bags, wallets, belts, briefcases, document cases - a wide range of gifts.

     All products exclusively are manufactured in a factory in Latvia, by the hands of the best Latvian craftsmen and artisans with more than thirty years of experience. All our products are produced in small editions,

and this is our identity. We give special attention to the quality of the manufactured products and purchased components, materials, which allows us to hold the bar high and to be proud of our products.

     In our products you will find graceful glamor and attractive brutality, luxury and minimalism, the real quality of products and materials used!

     An individual approach? If at the moment the model you are interested in is sold and is not available, do not lose heart. We can produce it especially for you within two or three weeks, if there is such an opportunity,

even correcting the colors to your taste and try to fulfill your wishes regarding our products. ...


       Do you want to personalize or monogram your purchase? No problem, having agreed this in advance you can put your symbols on any of the presented models. This service is performed in various ways as well

as hot stamping according to your sketches. Needless to say, products with your monogram are an integral part of a gift that should remind you of who gave it to whom.

 We offer you: high quality leather, high quality tailoring and very acceptable prices!                                                                                   


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