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Return & exchange

Return & exchange

Rights for returning goods

           Buyer has the rights to reject the purchase, in whole or partly, without giving reasons and no later than 14 days from the date of Order's receipt.

      After 14 days the deal can no longer be canceled. These conditions are accessible for all sold products and all customers!

      If such a right to reject a purchase, made through the Website, is exercised, the Buyer must inform the Seller within the above period and attach in a proper manner completed return form.

In any case of exercising the right of refusal the Products should be in their original condition and packed and with a tag (ERIC LASKO) attached. If the Buyer does not do this, the refusal is not considered to be carried out legally.

If the right of refusal is not exercised as mentioned above, the Seller does not accept the return and sends it back to the Buyer without any additional shipping costs.

      After the online store ERICLASKO.COM receives the returned goods and verifies that all requirements have been met, you will be sent a confirmation of acceptance of the return by the e-mail.

Refund can only be made via the form of payment that was used during the purchase.

      If the right of refusal is exercised legally, the Seller will refund the buyer the full purchase price of the goods minus shipping fees charged to the customer and any direct costs associated with return shipping, incl.

customs clearance costs according to the original method of the Buyer' payment - as soon as possible and in any case within 10 days from the date of receipt of the Order back.

     Please note that we do not accept returns for goods, manufactured individually or personalized items (including monogrammed or engraved items).

     It is not possible to exchange goods website, but you can return the received product and place a new order on ERICLASKO.COM.

     You can return or exchange products, purchased on ERICLASKO.COM, in our store.

     Refund is approachable and can only be made from the country and address that is available for selection on the website ERICLASKO.COM and is visible in the website menu.


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